is this a valid propery forum

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    A couple of threads today talked about treating the property market the same as the stock and also to the loss of real estate agents

    Nice One
    Your problem of how many Real Estate Salespeople and businesses is the same as with house sales and prices, all the statistics are voluntary, historical and supplied by parties with an interest in the result therefore not reliable

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has some figures on numbers of sales people but the figures are too old to be used as a tool

    Someone said that people should not treat the housing market the same as the stock market and that is true because you can not do a Fundamental Analysis of property because as I say the information is just not available

    You can do a technical analysis but again the information is not current so how relevant is it?

    All we can do on HC is give our own opinions obtained from our own observations and I personally think there should be a lot more of this done if HC property is to be valid source of information

    If all the people who read this thread were to report actual information from their own areas and from people who they actually talk to we would have a far better source of correct information than is currently spouted in the media

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