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    Have followed MOS for quite a while now, in the past their share price would go up just before major drillings and mostly fall back soon afterwards. Now for the first time they have some serious gas reserves proven and ready to exploit and sell onto the market. Management believes that these gas reserves have still more upside regarding quantity and this can only add to a rising share price. Once the pipelines are being laid and the gas is getting sold there will be a lot of $$$$ coming in that can be used to further exploration of the surat basin. On top of all this they still have a big gasreserve in PNG and if the pipeline from PNG to AUS does take place it will be easily connected and more $$ will start flowing. This will be ofcourse a big IF, but nevertheless worth keeping in mind. In the meantime a bigger gas flow from Churchi 1a will be greatly appreciated in the short term.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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