AMU 0.00% 21.0¢ amadeus energy limited

is this a con or what???

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    I have gone back over Amadeus press releases, quarterly reports etc and can find no reason why this counter has risen over 300% in recent months. To me it does not look any different as a company at 32 cents than it was at 10 cents.

    Quarterly revenues are less than $US2 million. The final year profit was only $A2.5 but that was due more to lower amortisation costs than significantly increased oil and gas sales. The bio diesel project is taking an enormously long time to come to pass.

    There haven't been any significant discoveries in the US, in fact they have had a couple of dusters as well as new producers at Red Creek. But total production fom the Red Creek field is only around 200 barrels a day.

    Can someone tell what I have missed.

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