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is there anything to worry about?

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    Disclosure: I hold MUL shares.

    Before you all panic about MUL maybe you should look at its performance today against the rest of the market. Extract from news on commsec........

    Australian Stock Market Report

    Tuesday 19, August 2003

    Market Turnover $A 2,531,683,328.00

    The Australian All Ordinaries index rose 4.8 points on Tuesday to close at a 13-month high of 3,169.3.

    end of extract.

    The market rose slightly but against this many of the biotech stocks did not fair too well eg. OMI, UNI, XEL, BIT, PBT to name a few of the higher profile ones. Agenix, Nova and particularly VCR posted gains. MUL on the other hand held firm. I don't see the problem with that. The volume was lower than in recent days but because the price held firm I don't see that there has been any en masse sell off.......that would have been reflected in prices around the mid to low 6's.

    As I said, I hold MUl but believe in balanced dialogue a la croupier, pillman and gsw to name a few.

    Appreciate any comments on this one.
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