is the us being set up to be sold a dummy?

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    The manoevring by the major and medium powers leads me to think that the US is being drawn into a trap similar to Vietnam.If the US forces take up occupation of Iraq they may find that the locals are not the danger but the other powers that are sitting watching.A coalition of the countries on the outer will dwarf the US which will be bogged down in a military vacuum;not only coming under attack from terrorist groups but being given the cold shoulder on the economic front.A big game of bluff could last two years as has been said by Eric.Being physically in Iraq may not be the advantage it seems.As an example,Turkey,which has been desperately trying to get into the EU could find itself friendless on the continent of Europe.NATO looks doomed as it serves no purpose now.All balls will soon be in the air;where they come down will be fascinating.
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