Is the media fanning the leadership flames?

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    Reader a happy little debunker:

    Media saturation of leadership challenge?  A quick internet search (the 20 day prior to the challenge + 1 day) shows news articles covering the 2012 challenge at 351.

    The later challenge in 2013 attracted 384 news articles. This search included all news articles referencing ‘Julia Gillard’ or ‘Kevin Rudd’ and ‘leadership challenge’.
    Current news articles for the latest speculation runs to 4260 news articles.  An increase of over 500%.
    Reader Cybrarian Pete says these figures aren’t complete:

    A search of googlenews shows that for the 2013 leadership challenge alone there are over 3,271 articles. Debunker’s low article count of 384 articles for the 2013 challenge is further debunked by looking at the number of articles collated by a media monitoring service (recording approximately 3,040).

    Bolts blog
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