is the government moving?

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    There are rumors abounding that come Monday there will be a major press release by the nations treasurer, Mr. Wayne Swan. The rumor is to do with the national debt and its associated whinging, moaning, groaning, weeping and sobbing. If inside sources can be believed then Aussies are headed for a significant change in economic policy.The government will now act "responsibly" by addressing the matter of debt reduction. Wayne has been reported as saying that everyone, from Snowy On The Trams to the Local Joe Blow, has expressed what they believe the number one priority should be and debt reduction is the way to go. Never mind the impact on our economy, the disastrous effects our actions are going to have on consumption levels and the retail sector. Mr. Swan was quoted as saying that all of the superfluous matters are out. It seems that the government means it They are going to get on with the job of getting rid of our debt and they we are going to do it in quick time.

    The government believes that it has the backing and the readiness of Aussies to make the necessary sacrifices to attain its new objective. And so an increase in income tax, company tax, goods and services tax as well as all the other taxes to the order of 50% across the board will be implemented with vigor. All indications are that if these measures do not work then the government will be prepared to move even further. Extractive taxes on services such as electricity, gas, water and the introduction of road tolls on everything including bicycle lanes as well as the old country lane will be looked at. There is even the possibility of applying a tax on the weekend BBQ. The resolve of the government means that nothing is being counted out and everything counted in

    It seems that all the whinging, moaning, groaning, weeping and sobbing is at last having its effect and that he is reported as saying that he now realizes that all the world's economists are wrong and that the whingers, moaners, groaners, weepers and sobbers economic theory is the correct one to follow. All will be good said one commentator: "We will end up not having an economy but we certainly wont have any debt. And what could be better than being debt free."
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