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is the bull run over?

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    While some may laugh at this question, it appears many on this gold thread still believe gold is in a long term bull run. My question to you is, in a non-flamming way, at what price will you concede that the gold run is over? I'm talking $US pricing, not offset $AUS.

    I believe it was over many months ago. I think the next major leg down has started and will go below $600. Now before you class me as another gold hater, I'm not. I think $US gold "should" be $2000 but it's not. I don't want to go broke from being "right". From observation and partly on logic it was clear to me that I had to abort my belief. That's where some gold bugs differ, they always "believe" and will always defend gold, at any cost. I prefer to defend my money.

    Anyone like to comment? Feel free.

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