SGL ricegrowers limited

is sgl in play

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    From Australian CSM Review 6 June 2007

    Sydney Gas Ltd

    • The stock looks inexpensive from an earnings perspective, relative to others in the sector
    • While SGL does not have the ultimate resource potential of AOE / ESG /QGC it does have a well priced GSA with AEG L
    • It also has demonstrated that the horizontal SIS Wells appear to have worked technically. This has the potential to add value - both from booked reserves and production rates.
    • The PEL' S. controlled by SGL/AGL include deeper conventional plays - as evidenced by the recent EM 31 exploration well. The target is the Marrangaroo conglomerate, with a gross thickness of 9m. While “low perm”, we note that SGL/AG K will fracture stimulate EM31, with further testing planed.
    • We notice that SGL has two major shareholders - AEG L. and Babc ock's. Perhaps SGL is “in play”
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