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is ozl great value under 1.00

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    I find it ironic, every day of late I read on HC all the scared cr-p in there pants guys that try to scare or discourage people buying great quality stock at huge discount fire prices because the truth is maybe their investment/ trading style over the years has failed them and I can assure you, if they keep selling at or close too the worst times it will continual to fail them. I just wish they would stop preaching their way; maybe they just don't want to be alone. I have always express the view, more so that we have some type of balance. We should be buying the best quality we can in very small amounts in stages at fire sales, are we at the bottom I have no idea. A great way is to only buy a percentage amount each time of to money you have dry, that way you'll never be fully out of money.

    The time to have sold positions was when you were happy and beating your chest not when one is going to get nearly nothing for them. The notion of selling your assets (stocks etc) at fire sales is financial suicide; the practice will in the long run make you and keep you financially poor. When there is dancing in the street at the most you should be only just over half invested, the happy you get sell a tad more. It’s not easy to do, and its not fool proof, but it has huge merits.

    Summery no one can pick the top or the bottom, and the only way I would be half convinced is if they showed me their trading account. Surely the better way is we should arrange our finance so we are in total control of buying more important selling. So many things will fall in place then, especially thinking clearer, and the truth is if your not, that means we are slaves to the market. Its hard enough out there, do we need to make it harder.

    All in my humble opinion of course, we should a better day today, lets try to keep our chin up in these difficult times.

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