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is it worth selling oxr and buying zfx

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    I have a OXR holding as an investment, but noticing i could bring down the cost of my OXR by 8 to 10 cents (after accounting for the divi) by switching OXR to ZFX. As my circumstances are such that it doesn't adversely effect me tax-wise, wondering what thoughts were on the pro's and cons?

    If someone made an offer for OXR I could lose, but an offer for ZFX may be more likely?

    If ZFX shareholders spit the dummy and refuse to merge I could be left with ZFX. They could do that if a Chinese anti-mining consolidation group bought a blocking stake, or if something positive happened with the Zn vs Cu market. In either case probably a winner with ZFX?

    Perhaps at least switching half might be a slight short term risk reduction/diversification strategy.

    Interested in contrary views.

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