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"What I think Buc was highlighting was the "business model" that...

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    "What I think Buc was highlighting was the "business model" that an oilfield services model might use to promote the use of its services - no shock there I would think. SLB offering to take some of the risk but funding costs up front. Scant details provided of course but these companies did not become giants by being charities."

    Hi there Cmon, my point to buc was where is the detail to support his claims ?? Where has Shlumberger stated they will front the bill here ? If so, how long ago ? and under what circumstances.

    1) "Since Shlumberger is prepared to foot the bill upfront,"
    Where, when, and how long ago did Shlumberger make this statement ? Was it stated in the current O&G climate ??

    2) "it could be worth re-fracking, #Gene ip 2936 bopd, #Gary ip 2780 (Bakken)"
    Have these 2 wells been mentioned by TB regarding a re working ? Or is this buc playing CEO ?

    3) "For a cost of only $500K per/well to SSN"
    Where did this figure come from ? Shlumberger ? SSN ? or buc ?

    4) "oil production could easily increase by a further 500 bopd"
    Where did this figure come from ? buc ? TB ? if this was true then why wasn't this re-frack done ages ago ?

    "What rubbish !" Leverage is this what you call a "well researched post" by buc ?? or were you taking the P*## All I'm asking for is a little bit of work in the research department when there are wild claims and statements made in posts. The 4 points above may well be correct but where have SSN and Shlumberger made these statements ?? Is that to much to ask ?

    There is no agenda team, as cmon has stated. You may not enjoy posters calling your bluff, or asking for a link to certain claims here.

    "You..Acreage could have written your post in a far less personal and aggressive manner." My post was in no way aggresive, it was though stating the obvious about buc's post.

    Is there a problem with providing a link to ones claims ? What about posting a supportive statement from TB when a claim is made like "oil production could easily increase by a further 500 bopd" "cost of $500K"

    Not aggresive, just "keeping the bastards honest" thats all.
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