Is he for real - 216 posts so far today

  1. 599 Posts.
    Have just tuned in for day and find poster "benalla"/bonkers/crakkers, whoever he is spamming and after doing a check - 216 posts for one day at last count. It must not be allowed if HC has any chance to remain credible. I think the moderation we had on HC1 produced a much better quality of posts.

    And on that note, anyone who was here prior to 2001 would remember the time spent by some of the members on some very informative posts - I have kept some of them, eg shaboo, lochend, minotaur are a few that come to mind, there were others. Very good info and warnings for newbies. There was some great humour as well and who remembers, golf...(forget the number)'s friday jokes/puzzles?

    oh dear, must stop - too much reminiscing for the good old days!

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