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is fdl overpriced

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    I'm new to trading. Have been in and out of FDL a few times. Looking to get back in but also looking for some advice on FDLs SP just comparing FDL with BRM after todays announcement from BRM.
    Please correct me if these figures are wrong.
    I think BRM has 80mil shares compared to FDL at just over 1b.
    This is around 13 times more than BRM
    BRM share priced closed at around $3, so if you divide $3 by 13 it equates to 23c but BRM has a resource of 1.1bt compared to maybe 500mt for FDL so having maybe only half the resource this brings the share price down to 11.5c.
    So if no drill results or any confirmed resource is FDL overpriced?
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