is everyone "envious" of the us

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    Is everyone "ENVIOUS" of the US GM crops that we should have them all released in OZ..... even in Tassie?

    GM ban 'breaks' trade agreements

    America's biotechnology industry believes that preventing the commercial release of genetically modified crops in some parts of Australia violates free trade agreements.
    The vice-president of the Washington-based Food and Agriculture Biotechnology Industry Organisation, Val Giddings, has addressed a national biotechnology conference in Adelaide.
    Mr Giddings says free-trade agreements do not allow the banning of an agricultural product, unless there is a scientifically based expectation of particular problems.
    He says his organisation believes any moratorium undermines the system governing free trade.
    "If Australia can get away with this then what's to stop your major exporting partners?" he said.
    "I'm not sure that the problem is really so severe that we need to raise it to the level of formal complaints that the United States has registered within the WTO with regard to Europe's failure to abide by its obligations - I do expect the problem to resolve itself before we get to that point."
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