Hey Micky,Indeed, a very interesting topic which will be...

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    Hey Micky,

    Indeed, a very interesting topic which will be discussed during the 33rd International Geological Congres in Oslo in August at this session:

    STT-09 New concepts in global tectonics
    (Karsten Storetvedt, Dong Choi & Forese Carlo Wezel)

    The recent rapid increase in geophysical information obtained mainly by seismic tomography and satellite imagery, in combination with traditional geological information at the Earth's surface, has allowed reconsideration of deep Earth structures and processes.

    The symposium will focus on these new discoveries in association with hard classical data, and how they can be synthesized into new integrative understanding of the evolution of the Earth and other terrestrial planets. This symposium intends to explore a new paradigm of global tectonics.

    Notwithstanding the massive popularity of plate tectonics, its most basic presumptions continue to be unconfirmed; a mixture of puzzling observations, unsolved problems and paradoxes abound.

    This unclarified situation must now be openly discussed. Regardless of the outcome of this debate, disagreement on both fundamentals and other aspects is just a normal, healthy part of the progress of science.

    The symposium is intended to be a forum for discussion of alternative ideas in planetary physics, tectonics and related surface geological processes. Contributions on all aspects of planetary physics and larger scale geological systems are therefore welcome.

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