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is consolidation a dirty word

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    Well Kids, Wadda ya reckon.
    50/1 HEY!!! Well we wanted a consolidation.
    The question you must ask yourself punk, is am I feeling lucky, well are ya punk??. Apologies to Dirty Harry.
    Seriously, though at 50/1 will what is now a share worth less than a third of a cent be worth 15 cents after the consolidation to at least make sure we are not further down the tube with a share that can continue it's fall all the way back down to where it is now, and don't think it cannot do that, just ask RRL from a few years back.
    The other thought that springs to mind is that from a base of only 140 odd million shares good old Vic sure has plenty of room for more shares to be issued.

    Well punk are ya feeling lucky.

    Kind regards

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