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Is BRB a good investment?

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    I actually placed an order for BRB today and have owned previously but sold out in January after disappointment with the lack of progress in the SP and took a loss. I lost interest as the SP continued to decline. It is still below my original buy price in mid 2019 but I think it is now worth holding in view of the continuing expansion of "potential resources" (ie not yet established to a JORC status) and the increase in the POG.
    The Board lost support from the big players in the market when it backed off from pursuing a PFS for an open pit operation (towards the end of 2019) and sentiment has been negative ever since. That is not to say that their decision to pursue additional resources and explore the underground potential is a bad decision in the long run but it removed the market hopes for an early profit as an open pit producer.
    If you are a longer term investor then BRB is still promising. With the current bouyancy in the POG, then the prospects are that much more promising and I think sentiment is likely to become favourable yet again, and probably sooner rather than later.

    As for moving into production, it takes years of exploration and development to do that.

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    Jogo "As for moving into production, it takes years of exploration and development to do that." how long should this take, they have been drilling at Lake Roe for many years? A basic principle of investing is "return on investment" do BRB understand this simple principal?
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