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is anyone going to the agm

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    I won't be cos it's too far away. But I'm sending in the proxy form and voting against the remuneration report and the re-election of Scanlon. CPK needs more Grollos on the board imho. Some indi board members would be nice too.

    If anyone is attending the AGM , perhaps you could ask those all important questions...
    1. "wtf is going on?"
    2. "when are the shareholder going to see some divis?"
    3. "how many blocks at Martha Cove have been sold since July 1st?" ... and if the answer is "not many" then ask,
    4. "how about hiring a new estate agent and advertising Martha Cove on TV?"
    5. "how about sacking Phil Sullivan as MD and putting the Grollos in charge?"
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