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    Hi Oliveoyl,

    thanks for that. I said some time ago that TIM's move to diversify made me nervous about the company. Why is it that in a majority of cases companies that get away from the core 'knitting' seem to do it hard?

    That said, if this dry continues then inevitably TIM's shareprice will weaken further presenting good buying opportunities.

    The other listed plantation companies are unaffected by this issue, it's irrigated Almond and Olive projects are unique to TIM.

    On a further note (as I think you may have pointed out) Australian Plantation Timber (APL) is back on the boards today following its supension and restructure.

    HUGE arbitrage (not unexpectedly (12.5c to 19c) and it might take some time to reappear on anyones radar.

    Maybe not for long though with Futuris (FCL) now holding a beneficial interest of approx 65% ???
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