irrelevant whingers

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    Pondering about the current dilemma facing those who opposed the military intervention in Iraq.

    In some perverse sense were they wishing that the coalition forces be defeated and the people of Iraq condemned to more suffering?

    Simon Crean, fighting for his political life made this remark after the taking of Baghdad, "I ask you one question, Is our country safer?"

    With every success that arrives the only thing that many choose to concentrate on are the negatives about the death and the damage that the conflict has caused. There is nothing that the coalition can do that will please them, absolutely nothing.

    It reminds of the story of the first public demonstration of the steam locomotive. One man was there witnessing this historic event. Before the locomotive started to move he said "It will never go". To his surprise it surged forward and the people cheered. Not to be outdone he then made this remark, which I submit as a slogan for the present perpetual whingers, "It will never stop!"
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