Iridium Satellite Signs Deal with Telstra

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    Iridium Press Rel: Iridium Satellite Signs Deal with Telstra

    Document date: Wed 01 May 2002 Published: Wed 01 May 2002 10:42:47
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    HOMEX - Perth

    Iridium Satellite LLC, which owns and operates the world's first and
    only global wireless communications system, today announced that
    Australia's Telstra Corporation Limited ("Telstra") signed a service
    partner Agreement to market and sell Iridium services.

    The multi-year deal will enable Telstra to retail Iridium services
    and equipment to strengthen rural and remote service throughout

    Iridium Satellite launched service in April 2001 after purchasing the
    assets of the bankrupt Iridium LLC.

    With competitive pricing and complete coverage of Australia, both
    parties anticipate a new level of interest in Iridium services across
    Australia's rural and remote regions.

    Iridium Satellite's CEO, Gino Picasso said high costs previously
    posed a major barrier to entrants into the satellite services market.

    "However, the new Iridium's affordable pricing, business model and
    leadership has helped overcome these barriers and is Proving to be a
    real success story,"

    "The Telstra-Iridium agreement demonstrates that affordable satellite
    communications have an important role to play in remote markets,"
    said Mr Picasso.

    "The Australian market in particular has unique attributes, including
    vast remote regions and highly developed industries that operate in
    those territories, that make satellite communications whether mobile
    or fixed, industrial or in the home, a critical part of the
    telecommunications infrastructure," Mr Picasso said.

    Eighty-six percent of the world's landmass and all of its oceans are
    in areas without wireless or landline service coverage. The Iridium
    satellite network service addresses this situation by providing
    coverage in all ocean areas, air routes, and landmasses - even the
    Poles. For people who live, work and travel in areas outside cellular
    coverage or in areas without landline services, Iridium offers an
    immediate, viable solution.

    Iridium's competitive pricing and comprehensive constellation played
    a significant role in Telstra's decision to sign on as an Iridium
    service partner, said Quadrant Iridium Limited Chairman Michael Boyd.

    "Telstra's commitment to offering satellite services sends a strong
    signal to the market regarding the viability of this business and the
    strength of Iridium's new model. We expect to achieve significant
    gains in Australia and throughout the region as result," Mr Boyd said.
    Telstra will provide Iridium services on a non-exclusive basis in
    Australia. The company will work closely with Iridium's Asia Pacific
    market coordinator, Quadrant Communications, to market and sell
    Iridium services including voice, data and text messaging. Telstra
    will also support a range of specialty equipment built for use with
    the Iridium system.

    Quadrant Iridium Limited, which is a significant investor in the
    Iridium project, facilitated the negotiations with Telstra. Under the
    deal, Telstra will purchase equipment and airtime from Iridium and
    will resell it through its existing distribution network. Like all
    service providers in Iridium's global network, Telstra will be
    responsible for providing the crucial link to the customers by
    acquiring, provisioning and supporting their use of the service.

    For further information please call:

    Pia De Lima Michael Abela

    Burson-Marsteller, Melbourne Quadrant Communications
    (03) 9685 8539 /0418 311 437 (03) 9618 8903 / 0412 877 460
    [email protected] [email protected]

    Yee Shan Heng
    Burson-Marsteller, Singapore
    (65) 6331 5233
    [email protected]


    Telstra Corporation Limited is Australia's leading telecommunications
    and information services company. It offers a full range of voice and
    data services on its fixed and mobile networks; competes in all
    telecommunications markets and provides wholesale services to other
    carriers and carriage service providers.

    Telstra's fixed telephone network reaches virtually all Australian
    homes and most Australian businesses and its two digital mobile
    networks, GSM and CDMA, together cover over 97% of the population and
    GSM international roaming to 90 countries.

    Telstra is Australia's largest Internet service provider as well as
    offering a variety of high-speed delivery platforms, such as ADSL,
    ISDN, and a hybrid fibre co-axial cable broadband network, IP-VPN and
    an international satellite infrastructure through affiliates.

    In February 2001, Telstra completed a strategic alliance with Hong
    Kong based Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), to take key growth
    business across Asia and globally. The alliance comprises:

    * Reach Ltd a 50/50 joint venture with PCCW. Reach is a leading Asian
    and global connectivity Provider

    * Regional Wireless Company (RWC) (60 per cent owned by Telstra)
    which owns and operates one of Hong Kong's leading mobile telephone
    businesses, Hong Kong CSL Limited (Hong Kong CSL).

    Telstra has one of the highest debt ratings of its peers both locally
    and international. Telstra's long-term debts are rated AA- and Aa3 by
    Standard & Poors and Moody's respectively.

    Telstra is 50.1 per cent owned by the Commonwealth Government of
    Australia. Its 49.9 per cent privately owned shares are listed on the
    Australian, New Zealand and the New York Stock Exchanges.


    Iridium Satellite LLC is the only provider of truly global satellite
    voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth
    (including oceans, airways and Polar Regions). Through a
    constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operated by
    The Boeing Company, Iridium delivers essential communications
    services to and from remote areas where no other form of
    communication is available. The service is ideally suited for
    industries such as maritime, aviation, government/military,
    emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil & gas and
    heavy construction. According to an independent study, Iridium's
    constellation is expected to last until at least mid-2010. For more
    information, please visit or call +1 703-465-1015.

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