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irc increases stake: is it a takeover

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    Just speculating, but it would be seem to be increasingly likely that IRC will take over Regal. They have increased their stake to 17.31%

    Perhaps the lack of any annoucement from RER on a new milling agreement (remember the trial milling finished last August! - and it just can't take that long to find a new mill near Menzies at commercially acceptable terms) means that management is working on selling RER off.

    Trouble is, in the meantime the lack of cashflow in a tough market has seen RER's SP slip so far that IRC could pick it up for a song.

    Even with gold at A$1000oz, the market has been unforgiving of small gold stocks that aren't seen to be moving towards production QUICKLY, or drilling and increasing their resources. And unfortunately for RER shareholders, neither has happened in the last 6 months.

    Guys, get a milling agreement, start digging, get some cash coming in, and if/when RER is taken over, we the shareholders will get a better deal.

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