iraqis learn from americans/ profanity filter

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    think. it seems that the americans had trouble in the phillipines, about 100 years ago. i was interested in a segment, which told of americans, disguising themselves as prisoners of war, to get behind enemy lines, they then captured some phillipino leader, that they were after.

    interesting article written by fall guy, a few minutes ago

    reading an article from "gold", somebody writes that wars are rarely fought for purposes of liberation. i have no doubt that the americans have conned us, by constantly referring the the "liberation of iraq". i have no doubt that saddam hussein was an evil man. saddam hussein, came to power, after 6 coups, in 10 years, in iraq. it seems a bit far fetched to think, that all of a sudden iraqi's will embrace democracy

    personally, i am glad that i live in australia

    i had more to write, but the "profanity filter" seems to be preventing me from posting - i dont know why, as there was no profanity

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