iraqis do not want to be saved by us

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    The following is an indication that the Iraqis hate for the US (coalition) is still greater and growing than their hate for Saddam.
    Last Update: Wednesday, April 2, 2003. 6:24am (AEST)

    Coalition has lost Iraqis' hearts: human shield
    An Australian human shield who has just left Baghdad says the Iraqi people do not want Coalition troops to help free them.

    Massive coalition air attacks on the capital have angered most of the city's population, former New South Wales government adviser Donna Mulhearn says.

    After six weeks in Baghdad, Ms Mulhearn left the war zone for Amman in Jordan yesterday.

    "Many civilian sites had been bombed. I visited patients in the hospitals and I wanted to get the message out back home," she said.

    Ms Mulhearn says she has seen civilians with horrific injuries including children suffering burns and cuts from shrapnel.

    Iraqis have dropped their previous support for the United States because of the heavy bombardment, she says.

    "I have no doubt they will meet very strong resistance now in Baghdad as a result of the reign of terror they have inflicted on these people," she said.

    Ms Mulhearn says five Australian human shields remain in Iraq.

    Adelaide woman Ruth Russell is set to stay in Baghdad for several more weeks as Australia's last human shield.

    Ms Mulhearn says Ms Russell and the other human shields are safe and well.

    She says Ms Russell has been based at a food silo in Baghdad's north that has escaped most of the bombing.

    "Some of the bombing is in the distance and then at other times the bombing is much closer, and you experience loud explosions and shaking of the building as the missiles land much closer to the site," Ms Mulhearn said.

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