iraqi terrorist looses testicle

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    For a more balanced view on the Iraqi situation there are some excellent blogs that document action on the ground. Michael Yon has a blog (currently from Mosul) where he has excellent, close up photos of hand to hand combat with terorists. On the most recent action in Mosul he was with a unit that took down several terrorists, one had his testicle blown off in a gunfight. Go to his site it is very informative.

    The terrorists are suffering very heavy losses and in border areas there are numerous reports of red on red where Sunnis (who are/were?? opposed to the U.S.) are growing tired of the fighting and have turned on Zarqawi's crowd, killing many of them.

    For a tactical review of U.S. military tactics the Belmont Club runs an excellent blog. Much of the combat ops have now focussed on the Syrian border where a lot of fanatics are holed up and being hit.
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