iraqi resistance report - new years day

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    Which is more true - the US media or the IR reports??

    (hard to say)

    Iraqi Resistance Report for Saturday, 1 January 2005

    Pickup truck bomb strikes US troops in al-Fallujah. Seven US troops were killed at the time and five other Americans were wounded seriously. The puppet guard added that the vehicle used as the car bomb was a Nissan pickup belonging to the puppet “national guards.”

    Two Resistance bombings shook ar-Ramadi destroying a US Bradley armored vehicle, two US Humvees, and killed 8 US troops.

    In Al-Qa’im, US troops arrested, tortured 8-year old boy for throwing a stone at a soldier. This is required by the Talmudic Halakha, showing that Zionists are in command in the US military. 3 beheaded bodies of US troops found in al-Qa’im Saturday night. US sailor killed, another loses hand in Resistance bombing on Euphrates river.

    Resistance rockets Abu Ghurayb prison. One fell in a fuel storage area in the northern part of the prison causing fires and killing 15 US troops according to a puppet guard at the prison. In Baghdad’s southern suburb of ad-Durah, a bomb destroyed a Bradley armored vehicle, killing four US troops. Near the puppet police station in ad-Durah a bomb destroyed a US Bradley armored vehicle, killing three US troops and seriously wounding two more. On a dirt road in the Hur Rajab area of ad-Durah, four powerful bombs destroyed two Bradley armored vehicles, killing 6 US troops and seriously wounding three others. A bomb destroyed a Humvee, killing 3 US troops. Resistance forces driving a white Peugeot attacked a puppet “national guard” checkpoint on the highway in ad-Durah, killing six puppet guards.

    A rocket attack in the ash-Sha‘b district of Baghdad destroyed two civilian trucks, killing four US troops. Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets and BKC machine guns attacked a US military column on Airport Road in al-‘Amiriyah in Baghdad at 9am Saturday. Witnesses said the Resistance fighters came at the Americans from both sides of the road, destroying a GMC vehicle and a Humvee and disabling another Humvee. The witnesses were certain that there were eight US dead in the attack, in addition to three wounded. They believed that a high-ranking officer must have been among the dead, particularly in view of the confusion displayed by the US forces after the attack, and the fact that American forces surrounded the area for a full hour afterwards.

    Two Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded on a dirt road in the ad-Duwaylibah area, killing five US troops. Other American troops then opened fire indiscriminately out of fear of other attacks, killing three Iraqi civilians who had been in the area. Their gunfire also disabled two civilian cars, one of them, a red Toyota Corolla, belonging to a disabled person.

    Rockets destroyed a civilian truck loaded with supplies for the US troops in al-Ghazaliyah, killing two US troops. Two Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded on the Old road in Abu Ghurayb, disabling a US Abrams tank and killing two US troops. American soldiers then opened fire indiscriminately, seriously wounding Iraqi civilians who happened to be in the area.

    Iraqi Resistance fighters firing BKC machine guns and RPG7 rockets attacked a joint US-puppet “national guard” patrol on Hayfa Street in Baghdad. The attack left 4 US troops and seven puppet guards dead. US snipers killed three Iraqi civilians near the scene of the attack. An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US armored vehicle was passing through the al-Mushahadah area north of Baghdad, destroying the vehicle and killing 5 US troops. An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US military truck was passing through the al-Isahqi area north of Baghdad, killing 2 US troops. Resistance liquidates collaborators, lackeys and puppet troops.

    An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb al-Latifiyah, south of Baghdad blast destroyed a US Bradley armored vehicle, killing 3 US troops. Bombs destroyed a Humvee and a truck loaded with supplies for the US military. Four US troops were killed. Resistance ambush west of al-Latifiayh destroyed a US Humvee and a fuel tank truck loaded with fuel. 5 US troops were killed.

    US storms homes in al-Mahmudiyah but four Resistance bombs took deadly toll: a bomb under a telephone pole blew up as a Humvee was passing, totally destroying the vehicle and killing four US troops. A second bomb destroyed a US armored vehicle, sending parts flying all over the area, killing six US troops. The third roadside bomb took out a troop transport vehicle, killing 11 US troops.. The fourth bomb exploded under a puppet “national guard” column in the south of the city, destroying a pickup truck and killing three puppet guards. US troops also raided the cities of al-Latifiyah and al-Iskandariyah, opening fire indiscriminately and killing at least 15 local civilians. The US invaders also arrested more than 200 local people, adults and children. Puppet “national guards” robbed many of the houses that were raided.

    Resistance downs US Apache helicopter near Habhab.

    Fourteen American troops killed in town near Mosul. The Abu Hanifah an-Nu‘man Squadrons announced their responsibility for the operation in a communiqué distributed in mosques in the city. The communiqué said that they had killed 20 troops, but the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent and eyewitnesses confirmed that 14 US troops had been killed and three more injured. The communiqué agreed with the narratives of witnesses and the correspondent when it reported that the Resistance had lost eight of its own fighters.

    Two Polish aggressor troops were killed in the city of al-Hillah. A similar attack took place a few days previously on British invader troops who were killed in al-‘Amarah as they were directing lines of cars at fuel stations
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