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    As reported, quite a few standing as candidates didn't even became known till voting day for security reasons.

    I would expect Parliament to be in the especially fortified Green Zone. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Members live there as well.

    It is one thing for a top leader to have a full bodyguard or a small convoy for protection but the ordinary members won't have that.

    Once they leave the Green Zone they may well be in great danger, now they are known.

    It is not that easy to visit the areas, they represent, either. So I expect some "vacancies" before long as Al Quada consider them as traitors.

    So, summinmg up, most would be forced to live and work in the Green Zone and not that many would be leaving it, an unusual artificial situation.

    Bin Laden wants to be the Head of his own brand of Islam, so the majority Shi'ites of Iraq are his enemies, be they Islamists or not.

    So the war scene in Iraq is a convoluted one.

    Fighting to continue as usual. US Deficits increasing and Iraq's reconstruction is on the back burner.

    Meanwhile, Kuwait is having problems with Al Qada as well: some heavy gun fire was heard some time ago.
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