Iraqi "olive branch" will solve nothing

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    This could well be an opportunity to add to gold and oil positions.

    Does anyone seriously think that tensions in the Middle East and the sub-continent are going to evaporate overnight?

    The Kashmir dispute is far from resloved and relations between nuclear powers, India and Pakistan could explode again at any time.

    Will the suicide bombings cease In Israeli held territory? The Israelis and Arabs are no closer to peace than they were 12 months ago.

    Does anyone believe that we have seen the last of terrorist attacks on the US or its supporters?

    And what of Saddam and Muslim sentiment towards the "Great Satan" (as advocates of the Jihad call the USA)? It is not a case of "kiss and make up" - far from it.

    No .... the volacano of discord is still active and, as sure as night follows day, there will be further eruptions .... maybe even a cataclysmic distrurbance.

    This is only a temporary lull ... an opportunity to take up or add to positions in sound gold & oil stocks
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