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    And your opinion is pretty close to the mark diatribe. The US military is in very serious trouble. It is wracked by dissent from within, low morale, and leadership which does not have the wellbeing of the US at the fore, but which does the bidding of Israel. ( This is at the core of what is wrong with the US military). Because of those in command ( all zionist jews including tommy franks, chief of staff Myers, etc.), the US military is conducting itself in a way which is contrary to what made it a great power in the first place. Torture, stretched supply lines, zero planning for contingencies, mass civilian casualties ( remember vietnam, when another zionist jew henry kissinger was calling the shots) and planning based on Israel's rather than Americas interests is creating a situation that spells big trouble. And this is not just my opinion. There have been many commentaries by people in the know, who are appalled at just the things i have mentioned. The US public seems blissfully unaware -- they have fox news ( the most zionist of zionist ) to blame for that.
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