iraq war

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    The US and their private international bankers who control the US FED are Dead keen on creating as much destruction in Iraq as possible for their own interests (just as they did in WW1 with the Germans) - profiteering of the military industry, buying iraqi property post destruction for a dime, then lending Iraq Govt $US to rebuild, give the rebuilding business to US companies to profit from, and then tax the future oil revenues and people of Iraq to repay a subsequent massive foreign debt. (Is there any wonder why the Germans aren't supporting the war after what happened to them in WW1 when the Zionist international bankers betrayed Germany?)

    Its all about control of the region's resources and people through Debt and tax. Its very convenient to say it has to do with WMD, but then wouldn't it seem reaonsable to have these weapons to defend oneself from such modern day colonialism? Heck Israel has them....(Now that is another story - some say they are in bed with the international bankers as well - all the way back to WW1 - sound familiar?). Even Nelson Mandela has said as much and branded Blair and Bush to be culpable. On a wider scale it is transference of debt obligation in the first world to the third (increasing
    wealth of first world) at the expense of defenceless peoples.

    It stinks. And sooner or later the word will get out.
    We have a duty to think laterally about this and not believe the junk that is served up to us in the press and by our dishonest leaders.... Oppose the War our boys dont have to die so the bankers can get rich.

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