IRAQ, US and UN - what a farce...

  1. Yak
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    Be interested to hear what all the anti-US and pro-UN pundit have to say about this latest.

    So now what would you have the US do now IF they get UN sanction for military action???

    And what do you say about the saudi's???

    Saudis say no to US strikes
    By correspondents in Riyadh
    November 04, 2002

    SAUDI Arabia will not allow the United States to use its territory or airspace to attack Iraq even if the United Nations endorses military action, the kingdom's foreign minister told CNN in an interview broadcast Sunday.

    "We will co-operate with the (UN) Security Council, but as to entering the conflict or using the facilities as part of the conflict, that's something else," Prince Saud al-Faisal said, asked about support for US attacks.

    "So that's a 'no'?" the interviewer asked.

    "No," Prince Saud said.

    Saudi Arabia, Washington's main ally in the Gulf, played a critical role in providing bases and air support to the US-led coalition during the 1991 Gulf War which liberated Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.

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