iraq: more evidence for the big lie

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    What's interesting about the piece below and about the interview this morning with Hans Blix on AM, is that by failing to secure all this nuclear related hardware when they invaded Iraq, the US is clearly showing it didn't believe its own rhetoric about the dangers of nuclear attack by Iraq.

    Just more evidence that the world was conned by the likes of Bush Blair and Howard....

    From ABC web site.

    Concerns over missing Iraq weapons parts
    The United Nations nuclear watchdog says it is worried the US-led war aimed at disarming Iraq may have unleashed a proliferation crisis if looters have sold equipment that can be used to make atomic weapons.

    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says key equipment and materials from Iraq's old nuclear industry have been disappearing from Iraq but neither Baghdad nor Washington has noticed.

    The IAEA monitored Saddam Hussein's nuclear sites before last year's Iraq war.

    IAEA spokesman Mike Gwozdecky says profiteers could have sold the items on to groups or countries interested in weapons.

    "We've been finding a great deal of scrap material coming out of Iraq from these sites, some of which is mildly radioactive," he said.

    "Some of the material that we found, for example, has included more than a dozen missile engines."

    The British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, has told the House of Commons he is asking for a full report on the IAEA's concerns.

    "It appears I'm seeking many more details following the receipt of the IAEA report overnight, that most of the removal, unauthorised removal took place in the immediate aftermath of the major conflict in March and April of last year," he said.

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