iraq missles again miss targets

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    Two missiles launched from Iraq have flown over Kuwait and landed in the sea off the coast of the emirate.

    A government statement on Kuwaiti radio says the missiles were not intercepted and landed "harmlessly" in Kuwaiti waters.

    It says the missiles were aimed at al-Shuaiba area, the site of one of Kuwait's main oil refineries, 80 kilometres south of Kuwait City.

    The attack brought to eight the number of Iraqi missiles fired at Kuwait since the United States launched a war on Iraq.

    Rescue sources had earlier told AFP that a missile flew over Kuwait and landed off the coast, while residents said they heard two massive explosions.

    "A long-range Iraqi missile, perhaps fired from the Fao peninsula, landed in the sea," one source said.

    Two of the eight missiles were intercepted by Patriot missiles and confirmed by the defence ministry to have been Iraqi Scuds.

    With all the alerts, Kuwait's main highways and roads empty as most residents diligently follow civil defence instructions to stay indoors and monitor events closely.

    Special Kuwaiti security forces are deployed all over the country and road blocks set up along many main streets.

    None of the missiles landed in the city.

    All seemed to have carried conventional warheads.

    Dave R.
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