iraq has missed its final opportunity: us

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    Wonder if this is having any effect on sentiment.

    Does anyone really believe that the US would take all its toys all that way and then not have a play?

    Iraq has missed its final opportunity: US
    Feb 25 06:40

    A draft resolution to be submitted to the UN Security Council by the United States on Monday states that Iraq has "failed to take the final opportunity" to disarm.

    The UN Security Council was to hold a closed meeting on Iraq later on Monday.

    The draft resolution, to be co-submitted by Britain and Spain, says that Iraq has not cooperated fully in the implementation of UN disarmament demands.

    "Iraq has submitted a declaration pursuant to (UN) resolution 1441 (2002) containing false statements and omissions and has failed to comply with, and co-operate fully in the implementation of, that resolution," the text reads.

    It goes on to note "the threat Iraq's non-compliance with Council resolutions and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles poses to international peace and security."

    Based on these and other points the draft resolution says that the UN Security Council "decides that Iraq has failed to take the final opportunity afforded to it in resolution 1441."

    The United States has indicated that it will press for the council to vote on its resolution by mid-March.

    Resolution 1441 passed on November 8 warned Iraq of "serious consequences" if it did not fully cooperate with weapons inspectors who went back into the country after a four year gap.

    France, Russia and China -- permanent members of the Security Council who can veto any resolution -- have opposed the use of force against Iraq, saying it is not yet justified.

    The United States and Britain, which backs Washington, are the other two permanent members.

    France has said it plans to present a memorandum on expanding weapons inspections in Iraq at the Council meeting, due to start at 3.30pm (7.30am Tuesday AEDT).

    The apparent counter to the US move will be co-signed by Russia and Germany.

    Paris has said the US proposal due to be presented to the United Nations later on Monday is not necessary.

    "There is every reason to continue inspections on the ground," French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin said earlier today in Brussels.
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