Iraq compared to Nazi Germany

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    Lets get this debate back into the appropriate forum.

    Now I don't know how or who started to compare US v Iraq to WW2, but the arguments are fallacious for a number of reasons.

    First there was the isolationist versus Interventionist, damned if you do, damned if you don't comment. This simply doesn't apply because the US has been a major player in the Mid-East since oil was discovered there. You cannot compare it to US intervention in WW2, because as ar as the Mid-east is concerned they have been intervening since the start of last century.

    Then there are those (jimji I think) who would compare Iraq with Nazi Germany.

    Well, let's see, by the time WW2 started Nazi Germany was a military superpower equal to the US. Iraq by comparison is a minor regional power with a military strength about one hundredth of the US.

    Nazi Germany had expansionist plans for the whole of Europe and half of Asia. Iraq has expansionist plans for Kuwait and maybe Saudi Arabia. I doubt if even a madman like Saddam Hussein thinks he can take on Europe.

    And then there was the suggestion that the US "saved" Great Britain. If Russia had not killed or captured 2 million or so Nazi troops, I doubt if even the US could have saved Great Britain. Imagine if those 2 million had been available to fight at Normandy!

    As for comparisons with the appeasement policies, Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler after the Czech invasion. The world did not try to appease Hussein after the Kuwait invasion, the US took the appropriate action. They formed an international coalition, prepared the groundwork, then kicked Iraq back out again. So where's the appeasement this time? There isn't any. Again, a fallacious argument.

    There is no comparison with WW2 - none at all.
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