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    US marines are reported to be engaged in heavy clashes with scores of insurgents near a mosque in western Iraq, leading to US air strikes which have damaged the mosque, and left it ablaze.

    A US miltary spokesman says the marines have come under fire from around 100 insurgents near the town of Hit, about 170 kilometres west of Baghdad.

    He says air support was called in, after the guerrillas took up positions around a mosque in the town.

    The spokesman says the mosque has since been partially damaged, and is on fire.

    Story Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 04:48:59 AEST

    So at last it appears mosques are no longer off limits to coalition forces. And why should they be when used to harbour muslim terrorist criminals.

    In some ways it is a shame all the mosques are not destroyed as the Islamists might then realise their God has no power because Allah does not exist.

    Dave R.
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