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iranian stock chat site mentions mehdiabad

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    Post no. 1304 by Hadi Khan (made on 22/10/07)mentions Mehdiabad, and there is even a picture of it. Sorry I can't find any online Farsi machine translator. The old 1-800 translate free one has been taken off the internet (too many people using it?). I have tried googling a lot on the word "Mehdiabad" in Farsi, and the sites that come up mentioning it are interesting, but regret not found any gems yet.


    Thanks to all those who have asked questions (or who have complained?) recently on the company web site. The answers they give are always interesting. Continuing to hold 1120k.

    On an upbeat note, 8 new mines have been commissioned in Qazvin province recently.

    See http://news.imidro.org/en/magazines=no.10/categories=5/news=222/show.aspx

    If it is of any interest (it perhaps isn't, as they are all old references) these are a few places (among many?)that mention Mehdiabad. ("Yazd Farda" perhaps is a local newspaper).

    (1 Mehr 1385 = 23 Sept 06)
    (3 Aban 1386 = 25 Oct 07)
    16 12 07

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