iranian agent arrested for al-qaida ties

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    An Iranian agent was arrested yesterday in Kuwait for ties to recent al-Qaida-related attacks in several Middle Eastern countries, according to a popular Mideast radio network.

    Sawa Radio, which broadcasts throughout the Middle East, reported the unnamed Iranian agent was apprehended by Kuwaiti security forces after intelligence implicated his involvement in an al-Qaida terror network with prior information on recent attacks in Saudi Arabia.

    Earlier this week, two Kuwaiti security forces were killed and two injured in street-battles with suspected al-Qaida operatives, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said. Following the incident, Kuwaiti intelligence and security forces have reportedly been on heightened alert, cracking down on agents working for or conspiring with the al-Qaida network.

    Al-Qaida last month bombed two Interior Ministry office buildings in Saudi Arabia, injuring more than 120. Suicide bombers tried to storm the offices, but blew up their car prematurely. It wasn't clear if the arrested Iranian had been involved in these attacks.

    Security sources told WorldNetDaily they suspect Iran-financed Hezbollah serves as a conduit between Tehran and contacts within al-Qaida. They say Iran has stepped up coordination with al-Qaida and with insurgents in Iraq to destabilize America's efforts to rebuild Iraq and hold elections at the end of the month.

    If the report proves accurate, the arrest would connect the Iranian regime to al-Qaida and would likely result in increased international pressure against Tehran, which the U.S. has accused of trying to develop an elicit nuclear weapons arsenal.

    The European Union recently announced it brokered a deal requiring Iran to freeze nuclear projects, but the U.S. and Israel expressed skepticism.

    "They (Europeans) achieved an agreement now with Iran. We do not like it very much but still it is much better than it was before," Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said at a Jerusalem conference yesterday.

    "We believe that [Iran] should be moved, should be transferred to the [U.N.] Security Council, in order to stop the Iranians from what they are doing," Shalom said.
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