iran to resume unranium ore conversion?

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    Iran hands letter to nuclear agency
    From correspondents in Vienna
    August 01, 2005

    IRAN has handed a letter to the UN atomic agency that touches on the crucial matter of resuming uranium ore conversion, diplomats said.

    "The letter has been delivered," a diplomat close the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

    The information was confirmed by a source in the office of the Iranian ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    The source confirmed the letter concerned resuming uranium ore conversion, but refused to provide any details.

    The IAEA spokesman refused to comment on the matter.

    Officials in Tehran meanwhile said that Iran was set to resume sensitive nuclear work, ending a nine-month suspension agreed with the EU.

    The move could lead to possible UN sanctions against Iran.

    Iran was formally notifying the IAEA of the resumption of uranium ore conversion, the precursor to uranium enrichment, at a plant in the central city of Isfahan later in the day, negotiator Ali Agha Mohammadi said in Tehran.

    Britain, France and Germany have warned Iran that resumption of either conversion or enrichment will prompt them to back US-led calls for Tehran's nuclear program to be referred to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions.

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