from the link...…….Of course, President Trump, of all people,...

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    from the link

    ...…….Of course, President Trump, of all people, should be somewhat skeptical of the U.S. “intelligence” community. After all, the U.S. intelligence community universally supported President George Bush’s claims that Iraq had massive amounts of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Saddam Hussein, then Iraq’s strong man, refused to give up his WMDs, even under threat of invasion by the U.S., and eventually this led to the Iraq War of 2003.

    But, after very little in the way of WMDs were found in Iraq in the war’s aftermath, several questions were raised, one of which was how could U.S. intelligence have been so wrong? Another question was why did Hussein not just let the U.S. and other countries come in and see for themselves that he had no WMDs? One theory is that he did not want his main enemy — the Iranians — to know that he did not have much of substance in the way of WMDs, as if they thought he had WMDs, it kept them at bay.

    Of course, had Hussein remained in power, Iran is unlikely to pose any threat to anyone today.

    Yet, Pompeo said he is depending on the “intelligence” community. For that matter, it was the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that said in 1978 that the Shah of Iran was very secure in power — and would be for the next 20 years. The next year, the Shah was driven from power in the Iranian Revolution.


    never forget that Pompeo was pretty proud to claim that the CIA lied and cheated

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