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    re: irag to ispect us for ... not us, the united s Oh I see sorry…..They are the only Country to use Nuclear Weapons at War but they were at the time the only one to have them.

    But I believe Weapons of Mass Destruction include Chemical and Biological as well now this considerably increases the number of which Iraqi is one.

    Since World War 2 ended in 1945 I am not aware of any country that has used them other than Iraqi.
    Think the dates are between 1988 and 1991.

    From memory via the media.
    Nukes only.

    U.S has a few thousand, Russia has several thousand, China has about 400, UK and France have a couple of hundred each.
    Pakistani probably less that 20, India less that 40, Israel probably number unknown, South Africa did have, North Korea wants some well maybe.
    Thinks that’s it.

    Chemical and Biological no idea and easy to hide.
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