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There seem to be many posters that are upset that they sent...

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    There seem to be many posters that are upset that they sent monies to the share registry only to miss out on an allocation.

    @blueballs was kind enough to lead you in the right direction, so I will spell things out for you; it is more about the system than it is anything else. There is no point in getting upset about missing out, just learn how it works and take advantage of it next time; because there are many multi-bag listings.

    Think about this for a second, CHM just announced in the AFR that they received $90M worth of bids. They are working with 2 brokerage firms that are both being paid to raise the funds. CHM only required $35M, so that means close to $55M worth of bids were rejected. What do you think the value of bids would be attributed to the share registry and how many investors to you think applied there? It simply isn't worth any companies time or money to deal with it when they are already paying brokerage firms to handle the raise.

    Bell Potter's broker clients were only offered $3K allocations because they had to offer the majority of their stock to major institutional clients (ie the clients they make the majority of their money from).

    I was a client of one of their institutional clients, so I obtained stock through that channel not either of the listed brokers.

    Here is my suggestion:
    - Make a list of the most successful IPO's over the last 3-5yrs.
    - Look at who the lead managers were on those deals and rank that list.
    - Take a look at your available funds and work out how many deals you might be able to participate in at any given time.
    - Start at the top and contact the lead managers office to book an appointment with a broker there.
    - Signup with the broker you feel most comfortable with.

    The reason you want to work out how many deals you can do is the broker will expect you to support their deals. Sometimes you will need to take stock your not too excited about to get a decent allocation in something you are keen on. It's a mutual relationship, if you help them make money, they will help you make money.

    If you are a S708, things are easier. If not, look for a broker that is less established and work your way up together.

    Good luck all, this should be a cracker listing and I look forward to watching it unfold with you all
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