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    Cash rolling in. Around $30 million in bank. Also, Judge Ward may award up to 3 times the jury decision if he agrees with the jury view that the breach was wilful. So potentially Ipernica could receive net another $45 million from a $90 million award. Other cases to come in US that will likely settle particularly now that Ipernica has a strong balance sheet. Also, watch the momentum change in Germany in relation to the patent reinstatement appeal. If that appeal is won Ipernica will become a worldwide giant in the intellectual property market

    What would be interesting to know is if the stat mux and sar actions are limited to the companies already identified by Ipernica or are there more around the world using or have used the patent technology without licence from Ipernica. I note that in the US in relation to stat mux the list of companies continued to grow following the initial settlements. I have a feeling this company will soon be big news.

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