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    Too many thread's being made, let's keep this one to strictly fundamental chatter & all thing's BNPL/IOU Business Related.

    In the morning we're going to get the Half Yearly Report! Very keen to see if there's also another announcement or an update attached.

    Company's Main Goal
    “Our goal is to be one of the leading digital transaction processors in the booming cashless economies of South East Asia.”

    -Please Note: Soft-Launch Already Commenced In February 2021, This is NOT still pending launch-

    We've all seen the recent EasyStore partnership.
    ---Established in 2013
    ---Service more than 7,000 merchants across the SEA markets
    ---5,000 of these are in Malaysia
    ---Merchant Referral Agreement they basically offered this "no consideration paid by the Company"

    Moving forward, what im expecting that might come in-terms of news in the near-term
    --Potential Update on Soft Launch
    --Potential Update on Phone App
    --Potential Update on Merchant Transition/New Merchant's possibly
    --Possible New Customer Sign-Up Count
    --Potential New's On New/Existing Partnerships for IOU Pay
    (The license was needed before partnerships in my opinion, Now that it's signed in expect to see more in my opinion EasyStore is only the beginning)

    Purely speculation of course but personally i think the Soft-Launch is to make sure everything gets tested & once everything is fault free, they can go to those they've been in discussions with and begin further partnerships.
    (That's how i would do things personally, Purely speculation of course, not financial advice)

    -Taken from Partnership Annc-
    --EasyStore with 7,000 Merchants Acrcross SEA, NOW HELPING WITH REFERRALS
    --IOUpay and EasyStore have commenced integrating systems with BNPL
    ^"NOT will be commencing", HAVE commenced'

    -You have from the operational update below:
    --7,000+ e-commerce mentioned
    -- 10,000 in-store merchant's mentioned

    You then include EasyStore's ,7000 Merchant's
    -Already we have a big reach as a starter in my opinion

    If you combine those numbers alone, that's an extremely strong base to start from considering the License was only acquired not long ago.

    Any more partnerships/big operators coming on board.... We will have massive exposure and we already have good exposure through EasyStore & All the other Merchant's they have in my opinion.

    This Snippet Below, Taken From "Operational Update " Released: 15/12/20 09:39
    -IOU Pay Platform & Architecture Enhancements - Core BNPL Platform Modules COMPLETED
    Web Portal Enhancements COMPLETED
    Platform Enhancements for Approved Merchants COMPLETED


    Snippet Below, Taken from December Qtrly Update
    -Consumer Mobile app in both Android & IOS is completing testing as at the date of this Report

    So if you combine both snippet's and consider the Update was from December i would speculate that everything is complete if not nearing completion any-day now? Speculation only of course

    Take Note:
    "South East Asia Region"
    "Indonesia" mentions all over

    The company has never once said Malaysia BNPL is their only goal,



    Here's the SEA Market Trend's for ya'll

    "Government support for cashless economies"

    Please Note: This post is entirely my opinion only, interpretation of announcements and purely speculation... It is NOT financial advice by any means. I would suggest speaking to a licensed professional (Which i am NOT) before making any financial decisions. I may also be incorrect, happy to be corrected if so.


    Let's add new information as it comes!

    Everyone feel free to drop anything informational in this thread.
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