UMC 0.00% $1.30 united minerals corporation nl

io price running umc next

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    well fellas, not sure about any of you but I can see only one reason UMC is at this level .... the directors have yet to get their oppies protected and its quite possible that any corporate action is awaiting this little quirk being fixed .... conversion of oppies to sell shares at status quo levels to friendly parties .. drilling ongoing, but no big announcement tying it all together ... i think management and perhaps big corporate friends will have more to say early next month .... and then how high could this go. old highs yes, but i still think broome is good in april.

    the fact other IO plays are running (mdx !) suggests its all still a goer in the sector .... now UMC will be to market well before other hopefuls ... and surely by the end of the month we will see more movement upwards in the shareprice ... there is so much to like about this stock, but when it languishes it really languishes.

    disclaimer: why am i so keen? I just doubled my oppies exposure by buying the parcel of 49000 at .595 ... too cheap imo to miss the opportunity.
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