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    IWL Investorweb share price is up to 28c from 22c in September. With a market cap of $77m this small company wandered in the wilderness until recently. The purchase of Sandford Securities was a real success. The recent failed merger with IRESS apparently crystaslisedf a plan to develop a product to compete with IRESS, a share market product which every stockbroker, most company MDs and many investors pay $500/month for. It seems they now have a product to compete with IRESS's monopoly and are roadshowing it to brokers, investment houses and financial advisors. They have apparently recently sold it to Colonial and MLC who now have screens running.
    Projected earnings for 04 are 2-3c/share and it is suggested they will pay 1-1.5c per share.
    Does anyone have any further information on IWL?
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