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    Probably one of the best bets on the market at the moment imo is buying MIM at around $1.45 - 1.47 with an eye on an immenient announcement of a friendly takeover from the European company Xstrata.

    If you seriously want to have a chance at making a few quid in the current market I think you would have to be mad to not be holding a few MIM now.

    The Financial Review is speculating on a likely price around $1.80+ with the strong possibility of a contested takeover by some other party.

    As I posted last week there aren't too many of these Aussie mineral conglomerates left at these sort of prices for international predators to take up and MIM has some outstanding resources in Mt Isa and its coal assets.

    Don't miss the boat for a potential 30+%. (and lets face it, a company the size of MIM - attempting to ramp it on HC isn't going to move the share price one iota.)

    Its still a risk it might not ome off but no buy ever comes with a guarentee does it. Do your own research but be quick!!
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