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    Australian Investor Headline today..........

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    KBL Mining (ASX:KBL) is an Australian resource company listed on the ASX with a focus on precious and base metals. KBL’s main assets include the Mineral Hill copper-gold-silver-lead-zinc Mine near Condobolin in New South Wales and the Sorby Hills advanced silver-lead-zinc deposit in Western Australia.

    KBL market capital has recently been artificially devalued due to the recent selling from a major shareholder (KDR). This selling has resulted in the Company trading at what one would believe is a large discount to its true value given the Company’s strong fundamentals which including the Pearse Open Cut Gold deposit at Mineral Hill, purports to be highly profitable.

    KBL Mining is well advanced in the development of its Mineral Hill revitalisation plan announced in July 2014.

    The Company is in the final stages of completing due diligence and negotiating contractual agreements for USD 21 million in funding from Quintana Minerals Corporation for the purpose of reinstalling the CIL gold plant at Mineral Hill, repayment of its $12.6 million outstanding debt to Capri and to advance development, exploration drilling and working capital.

    “Currently we are in the throws of organising the refinancing of Mineral Hill for the purpose of putting in the gold plant and starting the open cut mine at Pearse, in conjunction with increasing the amount of underground development,” KBL Mining Non Executive Chairman Jim Wall told The Australian Investor.

    “We are hoping to have settlement of the funding package by early March 2015.”

    To read the complete KBL report please click here: http://www.theaustralianinvestor.com.au/linkt.aspx?id=668
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