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Investor Pres - Long term Value - Back on Track

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    The other thread is very muddy so I decided to make a new one.

    Some interesting points from the Investor Presentation release:
    • Updated mineral R&R due in July. This will tell us if reserves are being replaced by exploration, it will be interesting to see the life of mine as that seems to be a concern to some.
    • Pb/Zn circuit upgrade cost more that anticipated. This probably not surprising but it will be interesting to see if there are more unanticipated increases.
    • Kairos results look good. It has great grades and open to depth and in theory to the north and south even, looking at the drilling, depending on how big a pod it is. Shaping uip nicely to replace Chronos.
    • water self-sufficiency at Hera is very interesting, this would insulate one producing mine from any concerns about restricted supply to mines in the area due to drought.
    • Nymagee project slowing down pending better future exploration results. This shows a company capable of putting the brakes on where necessary and focusing on the greatest chance of success, IMO.
    • $15m exploration Budget. This is a big point I haven't seen anyone here really look at. That is a massive increase, and considering the results from the last year this could be a serious good news flow and SP driver. The focus looks to be near mine, and along unexplored lines of lode. Exploration sounds very healthy (which is a trend reflected in the rest of the Cobar field).

    Personally I an quite excited by the combination of Federation and Dominion discoveries around Hera and the enhanced budget. Some of the intersects mentioned, 97m at 1% Cu with a gold bearing gossan. I'd love to know what the open-pit potential is. Hopefully exploration can answer. An open pit would be an amazing value driver and has kick-started many a new mine site. The Athena results to be followed up are another early stage shallow potential.

    All in all the 'pipe-line' of projects sounds extremely healthy. My opinion is the only way is up for the SP. It is surprising it has contracted to these levels. The market cap wouldn't cover it's assets values i would guess. There is significant potential for growth. I'm interested to see how thing role under new leadership.

    ALL IMO, DYOR. Do not invest based on the statements of a random internet post.

    I would be interested in hearing from other long term value seeking holders about their perspectives.
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